On Day 6, Connecticut Brews up a Beautiful Day for Three Chained Ladies

It’s Day 6 in Hartford, Connecticut, and the Capitol Doghouse Tour hits its fifth state Capitol building. The frenetic pace of racing from one state to the next after sitting on a chain all day and trying to keep up with some of my organizational work at night is wearing me down by this point. By the time I go through the photos for the blog that my wonderful husband Joe took for us, I’m too bleary-eyed to even consider writing.

Therefore, in honor of my extreme sleep-deprived state, I’ve decided to make this a picture blog; because after all, a good picture is said to be worth a thousand words! Today I’m choosing to believe that. Enjoy.

Plus, watch this great 2:30 second interview by Fox News Hartford. One of the two best interviews of the tour yet! Thank you, Fox! http://www.ctnow.com/videogallery/70974973/News/Protesters-Chain-Themselves-To-Dog-Houses

CT Capitol

The Capitol is HUGE! And beautiful. Note my tiny doghouse in front of the flower bed to the right. Puts things in perspective, huh?

3 Chained Ladies

Me with Robin Budin and Brittany Bousquet chained in front of the CT Capitol building

Chained Ladies

Starting to get hot, no shade in the north section. These steps are closed off, and the foot traffic is slim to none, hence poor visibility.

Asking Police if we can Move

Here we are asking the bicycle police if we can move to the other entrance so people can see us. They love our cause and kindly agree

Interview with Fox

Fox News interviews us twice, and we are lucky enough to receive a 2:30 interview!

Robin laughing

Robin Budin, Massachusetts and CT Rep for DDB, laughs at something Brittany is saying. Not the cute little cloth doghouse she found. She’s letting me borrow it for Rhode Island and New York, as they won’t let me bring my own doghouse there. Lame!


Cool shot

This is a cool shot Joe took, not sure what I’m doing, but I love the composition.

Mr. Squirrel

A very friendly squirrel visited with me and partook of some peanut butter bar. I think he buried his last piece of it.

Tomorrow is Rhode Island, where they just got a law limiting chaining. (Which I’m being sure to say I had NOTHING to do with!) I have made a Thank You Rhode Island sign, and have copies of the law to pass out to interested passersby. More on this tomorrow. For now, I have to get some sleep! Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me and chained with me. Bless you.



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